Storm Brendan arrives across the UK tomorrow. Here on Arran we are expecting a higher than normal tide anyway. The tide peaks a couple of days after every full moon. The Wolf Moon occurred on the 10th.

High tide is around 2pm on Monday the 13th. There is a huge swell driving a lot of water up into the Clyde and there will be strong South South/East winds which will help drive the water on shore in places along the Corrie Shore Road for example.

Wave forecast from
Wind Gusts forecast 14:00 13/1/20

SEPA haven’t issued any alerts for Ayrshire and Arran yet. This isn’t an official forecast, just my best guess.

As for the Ferries…. well you had better check CalMac for that!

If you do come across a flood, don’t risk it, the tide goes back out.