The wind later on Saturday is not Storm Ciara. There will be brief interlude, before the storm reaches us.

The south and west side of the island will probably see the worst of conditions. Up the hills and glens the wind will easily exceed 80mph at times.

Wind: definitely a factor to be wary of when you are out and about. over the next few days

Rain: shouldn’t anything that we can’t handle, we are used to a bit of rain afterall!

Snow: Always a tricky one to forecast in the UK. pretty much all forecast models showing snowfall on Monday Tuesday and possibly into Wednesday, how much we get and if it sticks…who knows!

Tides: Full moon is on Saturday so as usual the highest tides will be over the next 3 or 4 days. Most of the wind is coming from the west so we shouldn’t be too bad, but it depends on other factors such as the reach of the swell from the storm, how low the pressure system gets and rainfall. If I think there’s a risk of tides coming up over the road I’ll post an update. most likely low lying roads in the south end will possibly see something given the wind speed alone.

We live on an island, weather is normal, it can be disruptive, so its always best to have a few tins of baked beans and torches and emergency power pack to charge mobile in case of emergency.

Always follow the MetOffice for official weather warnings/advice