Today saw what was probably the second or third highest tide in the last 30years, certainly in Sannox. The Corrie shore road was impassable for a while as was the low stretch at Sannox stepping stones.

The big question… how big will the High tide on Sunday be? Well… there shouldn’t be as much rain, the regular tide heights are past their peak for the month too. However, the swell entering the Clyde is forecast to be bigger! And with what seems like half the Atlantic Ocean already in the Clyde we could see some more flooding again around 4 to 5pm when the high tide peaks.

There’s no point driving through it, your car gets all salty and its a pain to clean properly, not to mention the risk of conking out! Seaweed is pretty slippery to drive on too!

The Arran Weather Ferry Forecast has again proved to be spot on. After being tied up at Brodick all day there was a gap in the weather between 5.00pm and 8pm, so the Ferry managed one return journey. The Ardrossan to Brodick route is already cancelled all day on Sunday 16th.