Today saw what was probably the second or third highest tide in the last 30years, certainly in Sannox. The Corrie shore road was impassable for a while as was the low stretch at Sannox stepping stones. The big question… how big will the High tide on Sunday be? Well… there shouldn’t be as much rain, […]

Where do you think Storm Ciara will rank in terms of top wind gusts here in Sannox? Here is the top ten since 2011 Date Wind Gust (mph) 03/01/12 94.2 05/12/13 91 28/12/11 87 10/12/14 87 04/01/12 85.4 22/01/12 82.4 12/11/17 82.4 09/01/15 81.4 29/01/16 80.7 08/12/11 80.2 There have probably been a couple of […]

The wind later on Saturday is not Storm Ciara. There will be brief interlude, before the storm reaches us. The south and west side of the island will probably see the worst of conditions. Up the hills and glens the wind will easily exceed 80mph at times. Wind: definitely a factor to be wary of […]

Right on cue, at 2pm, extra high tides, driven by the hefty south east wind and a spot of rain led to parts of the Corrie shore road being submerged and debris being thrown on to the road along other low lying parts of the road on the island. The part of the road adjacent […]

Yesterday saw torrential rain over Arran. There were a couple of small landslides that I noticed. The usual spots on the road which flood were indeed flooded along with many many more areas too which just meant taking a bit of extra care on the road. You cna see the Rainfall chart here: You can […]

Here is the wind speed and wind gusts recorded at Sannox on the Isle of Arran over the last 24 hours during Storm Erik. The location in Sannox is quite sheltered from the south and east winds but as soon as it turns West or North we get the full brunt. It peaked at 09:43 […]