Arran Power Cut

Monstrous snow fall has hit certain parts of the island. Details are still not clear as to how bad some areas are, bit one fact is we are all without mains electrical power. Those who have power are being powered by numerous huge generators brought in from the mainland. As far as.I’m.aware the String road is still closed and the boguillie road is closed too. My dad and a friend made it over the hill in an Argocat to try get some feeding to our 500 sheep, they said its scenes on devestation. People have been cut off from the rest of the island since the early.hours of Friday morning with no power, no fresh food supplies. Helicopters and local lifeboat have been going back and forward so I’m sure there will be supplies and help there now.
Arran is a special place where the community spirit still exists and everyone helps their neighbours where they can.
The emergency services and SSE were very quick with their response and sourced a lot of specialist equipment in a short space of time. I even heard rumours that a snow blower has been brought over. The efforts of everyone involved are greatly appreciated by the residents of Arran during ‘the blackout which followed the whiteout’.
My weather station is still recording but the weather on this side of the is nothing to what the other side experienced, with snow over 8ft deep in places.

Send in your photos and stories to and I will create a mega post for everyone to see and share.

Stay safe and keep warm!

Author: fajja

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