First Winter Storm is on it’s Way

You’ve probably already seen or heard that there is a storm coming. Wave’s are forecast to reach nearly 50ft off the west coast of Scotland, that is huge. As a result of this SEPA have issued flood alerts for various coastal areas around Scotland, Arran included.

At the time of posting this the SEPA Flood Alert reads:

Message issued at 08-12-2014 16:04

A FLOOD ALERT has been issued for Ayrshire and Arran.

This alert is for coastal flooding. Very high waves and a surge are expected to affect the area from Tuesday. Exposed coastal areas including roads and low lying properties may be at risk from flooding due to wave overtopping particularly during periods of high tide. For information high tides at Millport are at approximately 2pm on Tuesday and 2am on Wednesday.

Remain vigilant and remember, it is your responsibility to take actions which help protect yourself and your property.  Advice and information is also available through Floodline on 0345 9881188.

High Tide times for Arran can be viewed here

The Met Office have issued this warning:

Very strong winds are likely to affect northern and central parts of the UK from Tuesday night until early Thursday as a deep low pressure system moves slowly eastwards between Scotland and Iceland. There remains some uncertainty in the track and depth of this low and therefore in the exact wind strengths and timings, however a period of severe gales over the highlighted area is likely, as well as the potential for storm force winds over western and northern parts of Scotland. Gusts of 60-70 mph can be expected within the warning area, with 70-80 mph in northwestern exposures. Wintry showers could give some significant snow accumulations over high ground.

This alert has been updated to bring its start time forward into Tuesday evening. Further updates are likely.

Here’s some photo’s of last years storm surges

stormsurge-23 stormsurge-26 stormsurge-37

It’s probable that with these alerts low lying roads and paths with be covered for a couple of hours around high tide. It’s advisable not to drive through flood waters, it only takes about afoot of water before its possible for a vehicle to be swept away. Add to this that you can’t possibly know the state of the road under the flood water, it’s just a risk not worth taking. The tide will recede in a couple of hours so it’s best to wait.

The Corrie shore road, Sannox, and Brodick sea front are the usual culprits when it comes to tidal flooding. Remember waves bring up big stones and other debris such as seaweed.

As well as the possible flooding there are high winds forecast, around 60-70mph, I’m thinking there may be gusts up to 90+mph might be possible.

Calmac have already put the boats on Amber alert until Thursday. Be prepared for disruption & power cuts.

Most importantly Be Safe, don’t take risks.

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