RNLI Crews from Lamlash and Troon Bring Aid to Lochranza

After being totally cut off from the rest of the Island, the only way to reach Lochranza was by air or by the very rough sea. Conditions at Lochranza didn’t look too rough, but I can tell you the journey from the “Boys Brigade”‘s station in Lamlash up the coast to Lochranza was very rough, very windy, and very very cold!

Similar scenes happened in 1947 here on Arran where the only way to reach the villages was by boat. The coal boat was carrying the doctor and bread to help other villages. Yesterday, the Lifeboats we’re ferrying supplies to help out those cut off. The other big lifeboat you can see is from Troon, and when I saw it crashing through the waves, that’s when I knew it was rough!


The RNLI is probably not the first emergency service you think of in times like these, but living on an island, the RNLI is just as vital as the rest. The are paid for by donations so if you want to support them then you can donate via their page here.

Update: Here’s a video of the Troon lifeboat on its way to Arran that day… hope the crew were holding on  tight! watch from 1min35, boat ground to a halt in the waves! Maybe he had to slow down but certain bumpy! The Boy Brigade Lifeboat went through the same to get to Lochranza but further inshore.


Author: fajja

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