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Storm Brendan – Arrived

Storm Brendan – Arrived

Right on cue, at 2pm, extra high tides, driven by the hefty south east wind and a spot of rain led to parts of the Corrie shore road being submerged and debris being thrown on to the road along other low lying parts of the road on the island. The part of the road...

Possible Flooding

Possible Flooding

⚠️*Potential for low lying areas to be flooded at high tides tomorrow.*⚠️ High tide around 10:30am, accompanied with huge swell coming straight up the Irish sea and will fill the Clyde pushed by a 50mph southerly wind.Usual Areas: Sannox Stepping Stones, Corrie Shore...

Storm Atiyah? Wet wet wet

Storm Atiyah? Wet wet wet

Yesterday saw torrential rain over Arran. There were a couple of small landslides that I noticed. The usual spots on the road which flood were indeed flooded along with many many more areas too which just meant taking a bit of extra care on the road. You cna see the...

Temperature progression

Temperature progression

For much of today the temperature has been subzero at the Arran Weather station in Sannox. Its 6:30pm and the temperature has dipped below freezing again.

Local Weather Extremes

View the extreme weather conditions sometimes experienced on the Isle of Arran.
Arran Is described as Scotland in Minature and as such experiences a wide range of weather throughout hte year.

Global Climate

What’s going on with the Global Climate? Is it warming? is it cooling? who is to blame for Climate Change? What’s the next 20-30 years likely to look like?

There are so many unanswered or unsettled debates about the Climate so let’s delve deeper

Arran's Climate

How does the Climate on Arran compare to the rest of the world?