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47.5 mph

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5.1 mm



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Brodick ⇆ Ardrossan

One or more sailings are disrupted

Lochranza ⇆ Claonaig/Tarbert

One or more sailings are disrupted

Storm Erik Wind Speed

Storm Erik Wind Speed

Here is the wind speed and wind gusts recorded at Sannox on the Isle of Arran over the last 24 hours during Storm Erik. The location in Sannox is quite sheltered from the south and east winds but as soon as it turns West or North we get the full brunt. It peaked at... is Back! is Back!

It's been a while but gradually is coming back to life. Trying to include everything weather & Arran related as much as possible. The new site will also include features about the science behind the weather and climate. There will also be graphs...

Local Weather Extremes

View the extreme weather conditions sometimes experienced on the Isle of Arran.
Arran Is described as Scotland in Minature and as such experiences a wide range of weather throughout hte year.

Global Climate

What’s going on with the Global Climate? Is it warming? is it cooling? who is to blame for Climate Change? What’s the next 20-30 years likely to look like?

There are so many unanswered or unsettled debates about the Climate so let’s delve deeper

Arran's Climate

How does the Climate on Arran compare to the rest of the world?