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High Tide Floods Sannox Road After Full Moon (again)

High Tide Floods Sannox Road After Full Moon (again)

As usual, the tides are at their highest for the month just a couple of days after the full moon. High tide today saw very slight water on the road at Pirates Cove, but it was more substantial at Sannox where the flooding from the extra high tide is boosted by the...

Landslide closes North Sannox Picnic Site road

Landslide closes North Sannox Picnic Site road

On the 28th of February a landslide occurred on the dirt road section of the access to North Sannox picnic site. A popular parking spot at the start of the fallen rocks walk. This landslide occurred on a rather steep slope, and its likely all the rain we've had has...

Storm Dennis – Big Tides!

Storm Dennis – Big Tides!

Today saw what was probably the second or third highest tide in the last 30years, certainly in Sannox. The Corrie shore road was impassable for a while as was the low stretch at Sannox stepping stones. The big question... how big will the High tide on Sunday be?...’s Top10 wind Gusts’s Top10 wind Gusts

Where do you think Storm Ciara will rank in terms of top wind gusts here in Sannox? Here is the top ten since 2011 DateWind Gust (mph)03/01/1294.205/12/139128/12/118710/12/148704/01/1285.422/01/1282.412/11/1782.409/01/1581.429/01/1680.708/12/1180.2 There have probably...

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